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School Visits

We welcome school for education tour of the temple. To arrange a visit please contact the temple over the phone or email. 


Language Class

We have Gujarati language classes every weekend. If you are interested in other Indian Language we will try to help with our contacts.


Kids Event

We conduct regular kids event. Where we have games and cultural activities 

A place of Learning

A place of Learning


Education is the most important aspect of Student life. But do we know what the real education is?

Most of us that we obtain education by going to school and received higher education by attending courses .polytechnics or universities.

Studying at the schools, colleges and universities will lead to qualification which will help you to find good jobs. So the main purposes of the school and universities education is to prepare you and train you to earn money, which is of course very important ,because every one of you must learn to stand on your own two feet and should be able to look after yourself as you grow into adulthood. But is the main purpose of education only to prepare youngsters for jobs?

Hindus Scriptures advises students to learn sciences and super sciences which can be called, lower knowledge and higher knowledge. The former is needed to overcome poverty, disease and pain whilst the latter is essential to gain spirituality and immortality 

There is lot more to do and learn. Every person must learn how to live among his family and the society .This world is full of people and we need to know how to live among them. We cannot just go on living on our own without any thought for others that will be very selfish. Hindus, over thousands of years have developed way of living, which is considered to be the best.

Who is going to teach us about our Hindu way of Life?

How can we find out about Hinduism and how to live? 

This part of education is also very important and it cannot be obtained from any school or universities courses. The best place for this education is at home and in the temple.

Hundu Temple is not only places of worship but is also seats of learning. The right way to learn about Hinduism and the Hindu way of life is to study relevant books and participate in community activates in local temples and Hindu organisations like the Hindu Swatarmsevak Sangh, which has a network of branches all over the county. This is the only way to complete the education of every Hindu youngster.


A place of Worship

If you have no faith in the Almighty and do not regard yourself as a part of the surrounding then a Temple is only a building or a room with an image on the alter, made up of metal stone or clay. Ringing the bells is just like making a noise and burning incense is like creating a smoke screen. a Temple is a mechanical devices to harness the spiritual energy hidden at the bottom of your heart. The sound of the bells, The scent of incense and the rhythm are the devices of mechanical apparatus to Awake one’s spiritual energy. While standing in a Temple start reciting a Mantra or just chant AUM ,The sound is not scattered to the wind but it is sent back to you by the Temple walls. As a result the sound rebound and fills the heart with thrills. When you chant with devotion, you will feel a thrilling sensation in your body and mind. A lot of money is spent to build beautiful Temples and others worshipping places, what purposes do these places serve? A temple is a place of tranquilty and peace. The effect of beautiful surrounding and deities, fill unless mind with happiness and one feels relaxed, \we seek refuges from worriedly problems by submitting ourselves to the mercy of the Almighty.

“God does not command, but inspires human beings to higher aspiration and exalted deeds. 

The aspiration of amen in quest of God shall one day blossom forth in faith both human and divine, A Temple is a symbol of faith and it us said that a symbol does sometimes stir a deeper faith in one’s mind.

“Everything can be sacrificed for truth, but truth cannot be sacrificed for anything.” Swami Vivekananda